Adam Goodall, Studio Operations Rep

Adam works with QVC and their staff to support the needs of Brand Innovations clients and QVC.  Adam is an expert at helping clients, maximizing sells through analysis of caller volume/reactions, working with guest hosts to create sells that consistently do well on-air through unique demos and demo sequences, building and maintaining sell props, and coordinating on-air presentations with QVC producers and studio staff.  Adam strives to make any and all Brand Innovations products successes on-air and beyond.


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The Rejuvenate® line includes effective,
simple to use restoration
solutions for the entire home.
ultrasonic humidifier The Rejuvenate® line includes effective, simple to use restoration solutions for the entire home.
Millions of bottles sold! Rejuvenate® is a Nationally Advertised Best Seller! Rejuvenate® is available at Home Depot. Rejuvenate® - Make it new again!
Pursfection Interchangeable Purse Organizer
ultrasonic humidifier with antibacterial filter Pursfection Interchangeable Purse Organizer
Features expandable bottom zippers, designed to fit a variety of purse sizes and 9 compartments to keep your busy life organized. There is a large open space in the middle great for your wallet or make-up case, 5 smaller compartments to organize your keys or mp3 player and 2 large zipped pockets to keep your loose change or valuables from falling out. The organizer also has 2 larger pockets on the outside and a phone pocket. Now you'll never have to worry again about the hassle of changing purses or keeping your current purse organized, with the Pursfection™ you can do both in style! On-Air-Video
Pietra Italia - Limited Edition,
Hand-made Italian Stoneware
ultrasonic humidifier Pietra Italia - Limited Edition Stoneware Imported Directly From Italy - Hand Crafted
Part of the old-world charm of Pietra Italia is that each piece is a unique work of art, lovingly hand-crafted in Italy. Pietra Italia ceramics are individuallyhandmade, hand painted and signed by the artist. The nature of artisan crafted works like Pietra Italia means that no two pieces will ever be identical. Unlike factory produced stoneware; shape, color, size and brush strokes will vary slightly from piece to piece, making each set truly one of a kind.
Air Innovations
ultrasonic humidifier Air Innovations
Air Innovations manufactures the most technologically advanced home air quality products on the market. Humidifiers for home office and travel are available in a variety of styles and shapes with advanced functionality and materials that resist bacteria growth. Air Innovations air purifiers are also available in sizes that range from small plug in air ionizers to the table top HEPA models that filter 99% of pathogens and pollutants out of the air you breathe.
ultrasonic humidifier Pedisonic 2-in-1 Pedicure & Manicure System
A full professional pedicure and manicure system in the palm of your hand! This revolutionary appliance smoothes away calluses and removes dry skin on your feet. The buffing heads are made of crystal sand that is strong enough to remove dead layers of skin yet gentle enough to file your nails.